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2024 Guide: Best Restaurants by Country in Columbia SC

French, Italian, Thai & More: Discover Columbia's Hidden Ethnic Gems


The magic of Columbia, SC isn’t limited to its friendly charm and rich history. In recent years, the city’s culinary scene has blossomed into a vibrant tapestry of flavors, offering a delicious escape for adventurous palates. Gone are the days of settling for just traditional Southern fare. Today, Columbia boasts a diverse selection of authentic international restaurants, transporting you across continents with every delectable bite.

Are you feeling a hankering for sizzling fajitas or a steaming bowl of pho? Yearning for the rich, creamy comfort of Italian pasta or the fragrant spices of Thai curries? This comprehensive guide is your passport to a world of culinary exploration right here in Columbia. We’ve spent countless hours scouring the city, sampling dishes, and chatting with passionate chefs to identify the top restaurants representing a variety of countries. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer of international cuisine or just dipping your toes into the global food scene, this guide has something for everyone. So, ditch the familiar and embark on a delicious adventure – Columbia’s hidden ethnic gems await! Prepare to tantalize your taste buds and discover a world of flavor right in your own backyard.

Are you craving a taste of Japan in the heart of Columbia? Look no further than Saky Japanese Restaurant. This unassuming gem offers an authentic experience perfect for discerning palates. Diners consistently praise Saky’s dedication to fresh ingredients, with a focus on high-quality sushi and traditional Japanese dishes. Whether you’re a seasoned sushi aficionado or simply curious about Japanese cuisine, Saky’s welcoming atmosphere and focus on quality ensure a delightful culinary journey. Are you ready to embark on your own Japanese food adventure? Head down to Saky Japanese Restaurant and experience the taste of Japan in Columbia!




929 Kitchen & Bar in Columbia, SC pushes the boundaries of Korean cuisine with a modern twist. While some traditional dishes grace the menu, reviewers rave about the creative flavor combinations and innovative takes on Korean classics. However, this stylish restaurant isn’t just about the unexpected; diners also highlight the friendly service and the establishment’s commitment to high-quality ingredients. Are you looking for a taste of Korean fare with a modern edge? 929 Kitchen & Bar is a must-try. Book your table and get ready for a delicious adventure in Korean fusion cuisine!

Kimchi Fries




Are you in the mood for a casual and delicious Taiwanese twist on takeout? Look no further than Egg Roll Chen in Columbia, SC. This local favorite has won over customers with its friendly service, speedy options (including a drive-thru!), and most importantly, its delectable Taiwanese fare. Reviewers consistently praise the high-quality ingredients and unique flavors that set Egg Roll Chen apart from your typical Chinese takeout spot. Whether you’re craving classic favorites or looking to explore something new, Egg Roll Chen offers a delightful and affordable taste of Taiwan. So, ditch the ordinary and head to Egg Roll Chen for a fun and flavorful dining experience!


Noodle Soup

Fried Rice

Boba Tea

Discerning diners seeking an upscale Mexican experience in Columbia should look no further than Coa Agaveria y Cocina. This restaurant transcends typical Tex-Mex fare, instead focusing on high-quality ingredients and showcasing the true diversity of Mexican cuisine. Reviewers rave about the delicious, shareable plates, perfect for a fun night out with friends or a romantic date. Coa Agaveria’s emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients and unique flavors ensures an unforgettable culinary adventure. Are you craving an authentic and upscale taste of Mexico? Make a reservation at Coa Agaveria y Cocina and prepare to be impressed!





For an evening of exquisite Italian cuisine and impeccable service, look no further than Di Vino Rosso in Columbia, SC. This white-tablecloth establishment offers a timeless fine-dining experience, perfect for special occasions or a romantic night out. Diners consistently praise the exceptional service, elegant ambiance, and most importantly, the delicious food. Di Vino Rosso utilizes high-quality ingredients to create classic Northern Italian dishes with a focus on fresh, seasonal flavors. Whether you’re a seasoned gourmand or simply seeking a memorable Italian meal, Di Vino Rosso promises an unforgettable culinary journey. Don your finest attire and head to Di Vino Rosso for a taste of Italian elegance in the heart of Columbia!

Burrata Caprese



Panna Cotta

Housed in a converted fire station, this unique restaurant offers a casual atmosphere alongside delicious and flavorful Thai dishes. Reviewers consistently praise the high-quality ingredients and the focus on fresh components, especially in their curries – a true highlight of Thai cuisine. Whether you’re a seasoned Thai food enthusiast or simply curious to explore the vibrant flavors of Southeast Asia, Kao Thai Cuisine promises a delightful and authentic dining experience. So, ditch the ordinary and head to Kao Thai for a taste of Thailand in the heart of Columbia!

Tod Mun Pla

Pad Thai

Kao Soi

Mango Sticky Rice

This restaurant caters to a wide range of palates, offering classic Indian dishes alongside unique Indo-Chinese creations. Reviewers rave about the extensive menu, praising both the rich, comforting curries and the exciting fusion dishes that blend Indian spices with Chinese flavors. Whether you’re a vegetarian seeking flavorful paneer options or a meat lover craving succulent tandoori chicken, 2 Gingers offers a delicious exploration of Indian cuisine. Are you ready to tantalize your taste buds? Head to 2 Gingers and embark on a delightful Indian dining experience!


Butter Chicken

Saag Paneer

Gulab Jamun

This family-owned gem offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a relaxed and satisfying meal. Reviewers consistently praise the focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients, with many highlighting the moussaka and spanakopita as must-try dishes. Whether you’re a longtime Greek food enthusiast or simply curious to explore the vibrant flavors of the Mediterranean, Ariana’s Greek Restaurant promises a delightful and authentic experience. So, ditch the ordinary and head to Ariana’s for a taste of Greece in Columbia!





This vibrant eatery offers a modern take on the classic Vietnamese Bánh Mì sandwich, perfect for a quick and satisfying lunch or light dinner. Reviewers rave about the fresh baguettes overflowing with unique and flavorful fillings, praising the creativity and quality of the ingredients. However, Banh Mi Boys isn’t just about sandwiches; they also offer other Vietnamese staples like spring rolls and rice bowls. So, ditch the boring lunch routine and head to Banh Mi Boys for a taste of Vietnamese street food in the heart of Columbia!

Spring Rolls


Noodle Bowls


Are you craving a taste of the Caribbean sunshine? Look no further than Tati’s Island Cuisine, a recent addition to Columbia’s culinary scene! This exciting new restaurant has already garnered a buzz with its focus on authentic Jamaican flavors. Reviewers rave about the fresh, high-quality ingredients and the generous portions that ensure a satisfying meal. However, Tati’s Island Cuisine isn’t just about delicious food; the friendly service and welcoming atmosphere create a true taste of island hospitality. So, ditch the ordinary and head to Tati’s Island Cuisine for a vibrant and flavorful escape to the Caribbean in the heart of Columbia!




Coco Bread